Guidelines for Conducting Performance Tests

  1. Requirement:
    The Performance test is obligatory for all Oberlander Horses to be certified as breeding stock as outlined in the Stud Book Regulations (SBR) of the Oberlander Horse Association (OHA), effective January 31st, 1999.

  2. Judging Committee:
    The judging committee will be selected by the OHA. It will consist of at least 2 judges approved by the OHA. The OHA breeding supervisor as well as a veterinarian could be included if required.

  3. Performance Test Methodology:
    Single Hitch Driving Test Stallions according to attached pattern A
      Mares according to attached pattern B
    Skidding a small log   according to attached pattern C
    Sleigh Pulling Test   according to attached pattern D
    Conformation   according to attached pattern E

  4. Score Evaluation:

    Evaluation Critera Multiplication Factor
    Walk x 0.5
    Trot x 0.5
    Body Flex/Light on Reins x 2.0
    Focus during work x 1.5
    Willingness to work x 2.0
    Pulling behavior and style x 1.5
    Nervousness x 1.0
    Manageability x 1.0
    Total score divided by 10: = Final Score

    A score of 6.5 or over must be achieved as a total final score for stallions.
    A score of 6.0 or over must be achieved as a total final score for mares.
    No score below 5.0 in any criteria will be allowed for certification of breeding stock.
    For the Premium Award a score of 6.5 or higher is required.

    If one performance test criterion is not completed or a score of 4 is given, the performance test is not achieved. The entire test must be repeated but can only be repeated once. In case of a repeated test, the repeated test score is the final score.

  5. Score System:

    10 = Excellent 4 = Deficient
    9 = Very Good 3 = Rather Unsatisfactory
    8 = Good 2 = Unsatisfactory
    7 = Rather Good 1 = Extremely Unsatisfactory
    6 = Satisfactory 0 = Not Completed
    5 = Sufficient  

    Horses born in November or December are classified as born on the following 1st of January, for all other horses, 1st of January of the year born is valid.

  6. Publication of Test Results:

    After completion of the test, the results are published, subject to a second and final evaluation. The official result will be published in the Breeding Test Certificate.
    Every participating horse owner will receive a detailed report showing the total results, performance and score of the individual criterion, the placement of the horse as well as the average score of all tested horses.
    A “Performance Test Certificate” will be issued for each horse that successfully completes the Tests.

  7. Cost of Performance Tests:

    The cost of the Performance Tests is $100 and is the responsibility of the horse owner. Micro chips will be implanted according to the regulations at a cost of $ 25 per horse after successful completion of the performance test. In the case of shared horse ownership, all owners assume responsibility. Costs will be determined by the OHA.

    The above guidelines will be presented to the horse owner or his delegate for signature. With his signature, the horse owner accepts the above guidelines.

    Performance Test of Oberlander Horses for Breeding Certification

    Conducted on _______________ at Cherry Creek Ranch, Cranbrook, B.C.

    Name of Horse Owner: ________________________

    Signature Horse Owner: ______________________

    Signature ODHA: ____________________________